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Mentor Sessions

w/ Rebeca Velie

The world of photography can be super competitive and seem so daunting to break into. In the beginning, it might even seem impossible... It's not though!
I'll explain all the things I wish other people had explained to me when I was first starting out so you don't have to figure them out for yourself.
~ ~ ~
First things first: You have to invest in yourself. Trust that you are worth it and that you are capable because YOU ARE and I can help prove it to you.

Facetime Minis



Need help with editing? Having a solid understanding of how to edit your gorgeous photos will allow you to edit more consistently, faster, and elevate your portfolio.

During this type of session, I'll sit down with you and show you in live time how to:
- Import
- Export
- Cull Your images
- Back up your photos
- Edit using lightroom
- Upload 

Editing Session


The Logistics 


If you have a good understanding about how to capture beautiful photographs and edit them according to your own personalized style but still need help on the business side of things, this session is for you. I will send you sample documents that you can call your own that will allow you to easily streamline your business and accelerate your growth!

For those of you who have questions about  the nitty-gritty of things including (but definitely not limited to):
- Contracts
- Wedding Package Sample Book

- Invoicing
- Staying Organized 
- How to Book Clients 

- Ranking Higher on Google (SEO)
- Creating a Business Plan

- Optimizing Customer Interaction
- Anything else you can think of


The Basics


If you just have general questions and want to grab a cup of coffee and chat from the comfort of your own home, this option is for you!

For those of you who have questions about a variety of topics including (but definitely not limited to):
- Camera settings
- Lighting tips
- Posing

- Equipment
- Social Media
- How I Became a Wedding Photographer
- Anything else you can think of


One on One Meet Up/Live Shoot


The fundamentals of it all. I'll walk you, step-by-step, through my ENTIRE process. From beginning to end. From how to initially conceptualize your photography business to managing your fully booked calendar - this option will allow you to see the whole process in its entirety. 

We'll start out with meeting up, either on zoom or in person, so I can hear more about where you are currently and what you hope to learn in our time together. 

Then comes the fun part. I'll take you out into "the field" so you can accompany me on a shoot and see my posing techniques, my shooting techniques, and everything else in between.

Then we'll grab a coffee of course and head back so I can show you how I manage post-processing. 


I'll answer any and all questions you have during this session so you can be the most prepared and ready to start this amazing photography journey for yourself!

Poke Around


Bride and Groom kissing
Wedding Altar with Flowers
Styled Shoot-6.jpg
Get in Touch

Rebeca Velie Photography is a freelance photographer specializing in weddings and engagements. Based in New Hampshire - serving New England and beyond.

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