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Photos that make you feel how your memories felt.


Getting Married? Let's talk about wedding photos you'll actually connect with.

My clients have a love that is wild and my photos aim to capture it that way. They want photos that are actually theirs. Not the cheesy, dime-a-dozen, photographs on Pinterest. They want photographs that are all them.

Because, who really cares about that spot of dirt on your shirt, hair in your face, or your massive grin? 

Down with the fake stuff. I'm here for the real you.

Becky at the end of John Muir Trail Mount Whitney

Those smiles behind the camera should be real.

Wedding photography can be more than just hiring a stranger to bring a camera to your wedding.


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5 Ways to Budget For Your Wedding

Creating a budget and sticking with it is difficult! But so is planning a wedding! The process should be fun and get you excited for the big day and creating a budget can help save you a headache down the line.

How to Start Planning Your Big Day

Planning a wedding often seems overwhelming. Here are 5 super simple tips that you can do right now with a pen and paper to help you get started on the right foot.

Adventurous bohemian wedding photography in Boulder, Colorado


Rebeca is so fun and kind and great at what she does. Didn't miss a beat to accommodate even far-fetched ideas and requests, delivered photos that were beautiful and authentic and perfectly captured the moment. Really can't recommend her enough


—  Jeremy, Groom

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Rebecaveliephotography is a freelance hybrid wedding photographer and videographer specializing in weddings and engagements. Based in New Hampshire & Denver, Colorado - photographing weddings worldwide.

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