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Style Guide for Your Session

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Hey! Are you considering what to wear for your session? You want to make the most of your time in front of the camera, so read below to figure out how to show your best self off! (Not to give it away - but in the end, it really comes down to what makes you feel the most comfortable).



Get dressed up! Now is the time to rock that funky dress. If you're not looking at adding a new piece to your wardrobe, many of my clients have used an online site called "Rent the Runway" where you can borrow designer dresses for cheap (giving you that red-carpet-look on a budget).

If you have little ones in the pictures, I recommend longer dresses as they will better allow you to bend down and interact with them (even though cocktail dresses are sexy and cute).


Dresses and skirts are timeless, beautiful, and flattering. Long ones also create movement for the camera which is a huge plus. Choose ones with solid colors or simple patterns that compliment your figure.

Top Brands for photoshoot-worthy women's clothing:

- Lulu's

- Urban Outfitters

- Zara


Totally up to you! A lot of my clients bring one elegant "wow" dress and another more casual "date night" dress. I love both, but you should too! If you only have one dress that you're totally in love with, don't feel pressured to have to bring two!

Some clients also decide to bring a pair of pants or a skirt and pair it with a couple of different tops. This works well too. Bring whatever you'd like and I'm more than happy to give you my opinion on what would look best in front of the camera.


I think this is the most crucial aspect. Choose colors that you like, but also one that won't be distracting for the camera and unflattering for you.

- This means avoiding neon colors and busy patterns.

- Instead, go for softer and lighter tones and muted shades

An example color palette could look like this:

- Soft pinks

- Muted blues

- Sophisticated light neutrals (heather grey, creams, leather brown, white)


It's likely you may feel self-conscious about some aspect of your appearance. Choose clothing that minimizes your insecurities about these areas.

Some quick ideas:

- Quarter length sleeves have a slimming effect on arms

- Skinny straps and strapless dresses have the opposite effect

- Bring along a couple of coats or cardigans to help add another dimension to your photographs as well as help with a slimming effect

- Heels elongate women's legs

- Close-toed shoes are very flattering because they draw a line down the leg to the tip of the foot which helps to guide the viewer's eye (giving you a slim, sexy look)

- Bring some flats for comfort as well (even if you just put them on in the car in between locations)


Layers look good. Details are paramount. Now's the time to pull out all the stops.

Details add another dimension to your photograph. Definitely don't over-do it with pieces, but a little can really help to pull a photograph together by adding another dimension to your look. Scarves, belts, flower crowns (even a blanket to sit on) can add something of interest to the photograph.

I recommend you do not get a spray tan, regardless if it's done by a professional. The camera will probably make you come off orange even if you're not. Natural is better.

If you're worried about hair and make-up. Go pro! You're going professional with the photos, you might as well go all out!



In my experience, women are more often excited about the whole ordeal of getting their photos professionally taken. But just remember guys: yes, this might not be totally up your alley, but it's supposed to be fun and highlight the good things about your life right now.


- Pinstripes and plaid can be distracting

- Graphics and logos can also be distracting


- Long fitted pants (colored, dress, or jeans)

- Close-toed shoes

- Solid shades of dark grey are often a good compliment to a women's outfit


Yes. There's a reason most mannequins in men's clothing stores have layers. It looks good! So even if it means a little discomfort for a few hours, layers can really help to bring an outfit together.


- If you're doing plaid, trying a solid color vest on top

- A muted under-shirt color and a more vibrant collared jacket

- Anything under a quarter zip

- A buttondown and a jacket

- A crew neck with a collared shirt underneath




- Matching the whole family in one color


- Think about "fitting" your outfits together

- By color scheme

- By choosing accent and dominant colors for each person

- Use a softer color palette

- Coordinate soft pinks and muted blues

- Sophisticated lights


- Pack a go-bag with snacks, water, and small toys

- If they are old enough to understand what's going on, try to give them a brief explanation of what's to come

- Promising a sweet treat for behaving well can really help the process go smoothly

- It helps to make sure their bellies are full and that they're well-rested


Bottom line --> Have fun with it. You're paying a pretty penny to have someone come in and take pics of you. If you feel like wearing a flower crown or a fancy dress, oh my gosh, do it! If you feel like getting your nails and hair done, do it! Pull out all the stops so that you can feel confident and make the most of your time in front of the camera.


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