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Romantic Autumn Wedding in the Mountains

I'm finally winding down from the summer wedding season. So, that means its about the time of the year where I start to reflect on the weddings with rose colored glasses. When its the heat of the summer and things are going fast and furious it can be really hard to take a breath and fully enjoy the beautiful moments I get to be witness to (cue deep breath here). There's my goal for 2023: relax, breath, and enjoy.

My fast-paced summer was definitely catching up to me when I shot Jeremy and Maddie's wedding in Fairlee, Vermont this September.

Yes, it was filled with beautiful moments. And yes, it was stunning how it perfectly encapsulated Jeremy and Maddie's quirky personalities. The wedding day was split between Maddie's family's camp where she spent summers growing up and a retro-camp down the street from which laughter seemed to be permanently etched into the walls.

Swimming, running, games, food, and drink all surrounded by family and friends. It really couldn't get much better than that. Except for when you throw in a wedding that brought together two incredibly intellegient and caring individuals who literally seemed like a match sent from heaven.

It's the kind of perfect that makes me tear up to think about.

Congrats to Jeremy and Maddie on a splendid weekend celebrating your love for eachother. You both deserve a lifetime of love - and something tells me that's exactly what you're going to get.

Looking forward to all that 2023 brings. Especially photographing so many more beautiful weddings in Boulder, Colorado.

Come visit me and let's take pictures<3


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