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Kelsi and Anthony's Autumn Wedding

Kelsi and Anthony tied the knot in style with a wedding day that was reminiscent of an old romance movie.

From the vintage car to the lakeside vows at sunset, the day was a scene straight out of a film.

Scroll through some of the highlights below and visualize their love story for yourself.

Pro-Wedding Tip: A takeaway, from your seasoned wedding photographer, to remember when planning your own big day.

On the day of your wedding, you can't control what happens. The brides and grooms who I've seen enjoy their weddings the most view their wedding planning process as (mostly) a fun journey. Importantly, they relinquish control on their wedding day to fully take in everything they've worked so hard to celebrate. Something I always tell my clients is that it's their party. They spent months and months planning it so they better enjoy it!

Even though there were some worries about some aspects that in retrospect must seem trivial, Kelsi and Anthony were so happy on their wedding day because of the reasons above. I'm so happy I was able to document the love-filled day for them. They were everything a wedding photographer could hope for in their clients - fun, easy-going, and filled with love and laughter. Thanks for making my job enjoyable AND fun!

To a life filled with happiness and joy - congratulations Kelsi & Anthony.

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Kelsi and Anthony's wedding in Denver, Colorado was absolutely stunning. The wedding took place right at the lakeside with mountains in the distance at the Brittany Hill Wedgewood Wedding Venue. I've never seen such a beautiful wedding venue. It was truly special and perfect for Kelsi and Anthony's western wedding vibe. A mix of a classic, rustic, and elegant wedding that was executed perfectly at the Colorado venue.


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