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Sydney and Brody

About Sydney and Brody:

Sydney and Brody live in Cambridge, Massachusetts where they can easily commute to their jobs as software engineers in Boston. The two are similar in so many ways beyond just sharing their smarts. They're also funny, relaxed, gorgeous (!), and kind. Not the worst type of people to have as wedding clients.

I walked away from this wedding smiling ear-to-ear after happily staying late because I was having such a good time. This is mostly due to how much of a good time Sydney and Brody were having. I have no doubt that they will carry this joy and love with them throughout the rest of their lives.

The Vision:

Sydney and Brody had envisioned a similar wedding when they started planning. In terms of photography, they wanted to capture the day as true to how it happened as possible. They wanted to be able to look back at their photos and remember and relive their day, but they did not want the photo-taking process to detract from the wedding itself. And they wanted the ceremony to be short and sweet so they could get on with the more fun aspects of the day (tearing up the dancing floor).

Their preferences perfectly blended with my style of photography coverage. I typically prefer to shoot more in the background of the wedding day so the bride and groom can enjoy all the special moments unencumbered by a camera lens in front of their face. My style is more of a documentary style where I let the natural proceedings of the day dictate how the photos come out. To me, the focus should be less on manufacturing photo moments and more on creating real ones.

Unexpected Moments:

Right in the midst of all the dancing, someone dropped their glass and it shattered all over the floor. All the guests who were barefoot, which was a ton of people sprinted off the dance floor. The more risky barefoot-souls stayed out there and kept on tearing it up. #keepthepartygoing

The cold. It was late September but when the sun started to set the temperature dropped and suddenly it was absolutely FREEZING. The guests fended off the cold with a thick alcohol blanket. I just put on another sweater.

A surprising moment for me (but not for Sydney and Brody): GREAT IDEA ALERT!

Each of the V.I.P members of the bride and groom's family put a bottle of wine of their choosing into a specially made box during the ceremony. On each of their five-year anniversaries, Sydney and Brody will split a bottle of wine and read the notes left to them from their closest family on their wedding day.

Such a touching idea and something I hope to integrate into my own wedding day so far.

Sometimes I think that I might be the most seasoned 23-year-old wedding attendee ever... I'll know what I want at my wedding for sure.

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Denver, Colorado classic style wedding at the Skylight

Denver, Colorado classic style wedding at the Skylight

Denver, Colorado classic style wedding at the Skylight