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Castle in the Clouds Engagement

Coldest day of the whole year, seriously. I don't know why the dates for my booked engagement shoots always happen to fall on, legitimately, the coldest days of the year, but they always do. It was freezing and windy out in the middle of the frozen pond with Lauren, her fiance, and her son, so we quickly gave up on standing in the middle of the wind tunnel. Instead, we ventured up to Castle in the Clouds, to get a view of the magnificent Lake Winnipesaukee. The trees blocked most of the wind and once Lauren and her fiance became more comfortable in front of the camera, the 10-degree weather was pushed from our concerns. It's incredible that showing your love for someone else can make you feel so physically warm in their presence (and I guess by relation the photographer?). Lauren and her fiance have endless love for each other and brought giggles, smiles, and warmth to the cold winter day. Looking forward to photographing more engagements up in the clouds and capturing others' special and unique love stories.


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