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Maternity Session on the Coast

Whenever I've ventured out to Portland, Maine in the past it's always been for the donuts at The Holy Donut or maybe Urban Outfitters. Who knew that literally 15 minutes away was maybe the most beautiful park to ever exist. Fort Williams Park began construction in the 1870s but, like many of the Forts in Maine, never actually fired a shot during a war. Instead, it housed soldiers and served as a training ground. And what a beautiful training ground it must've been!!

A dramatic coastline surrounds the old fort - washing the beaches in a cold light that contrasts so perfectly with the bordering green meadows. Autumn's maternity session here was nothing but magical. I have never been so overwhelmed with the number of ideal photo-op locations in a single place. It's opportunities like these that make me appreciate how easy it is to hop in your car and experience something absolutely stunning.

Congratulations to Autumn and baby Lincoln! Can't wait to watch your family grow!


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