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Mountain Top Elopement in New Hampshire

Last Saturday was my favorite shoot yet.

Julia and Cody reached out to me in the early spring of 2021 and asked me to hike up a mountain with them at sunset. I didn't have to think twice about taking it on. I met with Julia beforehand so we would be comfortable with one another on the big day (she even ended up coming to the restaurant I worked at to say hi). When the elopement day rolled around I met the couple at the base of the mountain and we started off. Of course, it was in the wrong direction, but after doing a half-mile loop three times around the parking lot we finally found our way to the trailhead and began. The hike itself was much harder than anticipated but memorable nonetheless. And despite the rainiest summer in New Hampshire history, the skies were clear and the setting sun cast a golden light across the whole scene. We took a minute to fully bask in the light and then we all began getting ready for the vows.

When all was set we began. Julia read her vows first and Cody followed with a touching recap of their long and windy relationship and the numbered reasons why they're meant for each other. Then came the popping of some celebratory champagne and off we went.

If you want your big day to be about solely you (meaning you don't have to fret about whether your family or guests are having fun) - then I highly suggest eloping in some fashion. It's the most personal and beautiful form of ceremony. Just you and your partner (and me in the background) in your favorite places EVER committing your love by heartfelt words and golden light.

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