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Mountain-Top Engagement Session in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire

Hiking in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire

Stephanie and Ryan originally made plans to capture their engagement at a quaint and quiet campsite in northern New Hampshire. They were dreaming of their shoot at golden hour, with a campfire, s’mores, twinkle lights, comfy blankets, hammocks, and (of course) a few beers to top it all off. When the two arrived at their campsite a few days before our shoot was scheduled, they were forced to drastically alter their plans. Their site was not quiet: it was side by side a major highway. And it was not quaint: a decades-old fence surrounded the entirety of their campsite.

So, they contacted me in a panic and asked for suggestions for a last-minute shoot relocation. We ended up settling on hiking one of my favorite mountains: Rattlesnake. The hike is located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and is quite short, but drops you at a sweeping vista overlooking Squam Lake. On the way up the mountain, Ryan and Stephanie excitedly explained the history of their adventure-packed relationship (from a jiu-jitsu camp in Iceland to their Costa Rican elopement plans).

By the time we reached the top, it seemed like we had known each other for way longer than the 30-minute reality. After we had shuffled through a few classic poses and prompts, Stephanie and Ryan put on some of their favorite music, laid back on a blanket, and celebrated their engagement with a beer. I worked my way around them with my camera as they put their feet up. I had so much fun with these two and am always so so happy to haul my camera gear up a mountain to capture you and your special someone in your favorite places. Let me know what your vision is and let’s make it work!

There really isn't anything better than a hike to break the ice and really get a couple into their element and relaxed for their shoot.



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