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Surprise Proposal by the Charles River

March can get dreary in the Northeast. Except for a few days, it's either freezing, pouring rain, or a lovely surprise like a noreaster deciding to hit the day after a beautiful 60-degree spring day. Mohit decided to bring a little light to these far too often "dark" days with a surprise proposal to his girlfriend Pragya.

What: A beautiful, romantic, love-filled, emotionally-charged moment that anyone who was lucky enough to witness will never forget.

When: Late March

Where: The Charles River in Boston

How: Mohit and Pragya's friends hid in the trees and flew a drone to film the whole ordeal. I sat on a park bench pretending to people watch. Mohit told Pragya they were going to go out to a nice restaurant in downtown Boston and both dressed up to the nines.

Why: This is obvious:)

So was Pragya surpised??? Well, almost. A certain drone flying a little too close signaled that something fishy might be going on... But, surprise or no surprise, Mohit and Pragya's love for one another guaranteed that, regardless of what had happened, the moment was perfect.



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